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Every day is exactly the same...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 6:55 AM

I'm a morning person, but I hate mornings. Seriously, the time between 7ish and 9ish are the worst part of my day. Why? Because its the same freaking thing. The same breakfast, the same shower, the same wardrobe, the same drive to work, the same parkade, and the same 4 blocks I walk from my parkade to work.

I feel like I'm writing the same code over and over again each day...I hate it...It's 2007, aren't we supposed to have transporters by now?!

So anyway, today I decided to mix it up a bit and do some work in the AM instead...that and watch a bit of the morning shows. Seriously, Americans need better things to watch in the morning:

On CBS, that chick who hosts Big Brother talked with some medical person because *gasp* Regis is going in for heart surgery!

On GMA, the hosts (none of whom are recognizable) compared their faces to that of some celebrities. It was like a really bad SNL skit.

Why can't Jerry Springer be on earlier?

Anyway...that's my diatribe on the morning...time to giddyup.



# re: Every day is exactly the same...

D'Arcy... you're making me long for the morning ritual I had way back in elementary school which consisted of eating my Cocoa Pebbles in front of the TV during exciting episodes of Rocket Robin Hood and Astro Boy. I particularly liked playing along with the little quiz at the end of Astro Boy, to which we NEVER got the answers. How did you know if you were right or wrong?! 3/13/2007 7:51 AM | Tara

# re: Every day is exactly the same...

D'Arcy, just because you live in Winnipeg doesn't mean that you have to make your *own* life boring to match! This makes me sad. Here are a couple of things you can do in the morning to shake things up:

...actually, forget it, I'll make a post out of this instead.

The point is: your life is what you make it buddy!

1) I don't actually believe you are a real person considering that no female ever liked Rocket Robin Hood.
2) Quiz at the end of Astro Boy = excuse for *poor writing*! But it's beneficial to me, I use it at work!

"At some point in this delivered application, Justice made several mistakes in this spec, in order to play with you!"
"Justice, can you quit talking about yourself in the third person and tell us why this 'web application' is only one screen that prints your name? "
3/13/2007 11:45 AM | Justice~!

# re: Every day is exactly the same...

Justice... I said I watched Rocket Robin Hood, not that I liked it. ;) It really was on because there wasn't anything else and because... well, I have brothers.

Thinking back about Astro Boy, I think maybe I owe my career to that show. I realize now that it wasn't the classes that I took in high school, or the visits to my dad's office back in the 80's where we got to play hangman on the mainframe that got me interested in computers and sent me down the path to becoming a software developer. No, no... it was Astro Boy and the answerless quizzes. Think about it... as a child, you're presented daily with a problem that has no defined answer; you must use your reasoning and your creativity to figure out the quiz, but nobody is going to actually tell you if you're right or not because nobody really knows...

Nah... never mind. That's too geeky, even for THIS blog. Nobody should out-geek D'Arcy on it. ;) 3/13/2007 1:00 PM | Tara

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