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WoW Priest Back in Action!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 10:29 PM

So I was having some weird issues with one of my WoW characters recently. For some reason I would try to select my undead priest Sinquisitor (nice little play on words there eh? I kind of think of him as the Jerry Fallwell of the undead..."I smite thee sinner!"...anyhoo), but every time I selected it and clicked "Enter World", it would just put me back to the character select screen. Frustrating...only one of my main three characters that would do this.

I got a response today from Blizzard support (pretty good turnaround time), and here's what the solution was: Find the folders WTF, CACHE, and INTERFACE in the WoW directory...and delete them. Throw them away. Then *poof*, all is well! I did have to re-map my keys...and I don't use any mods, so I have no idea what this would do to those...but at least it gets my character back in the game!




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