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Bike Workout

Friday, December 15, 2006 6:40 AM
Just got back from my third work out at the new gym, and it was pretty intense (of course, running 10 ft might be considered intense for an out of shape-almost 300 lb man). If you're ever at the gym, and want to try something different for your cardio, give this a shot (I'm assuming that all bikes work off of the same sort of "level" system, where the higher the level you go the more resistance you feel.):

10 minutes at lvl 1 (warmup)
10 minutes at lvl 3
10 minutes 1:12 - alternate between levels 1 and 12 every minute (first minute lvl 1, second lvl 12, third lvl 1, fourth lvl 12, etc.)
10 minutes at lvl 15 (yes, fifteen)
10 minutes at lvl 1 (cooldown)

So tomorrow I start my diet plan and next week we start looking at weights and such. w00t!



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Brave is the man that tries to start a diet the week before Christmas.... good luck! 12/15/2006 7:47 AM | Carl Wright

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Way 2 Go Man! Keep it up. I think it is really good you are posting your progress here. 12/15/2006 8:31 AM | Amanda Murphy

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Thanks guys! I got my diet plan today and its actually not that bad. They're going to ease me into it, so I only need to follow it every second day and try to eat healthy on my off days.

There's a LOT of food too...so its not a cut-back diet, more eat-right diet. I have five meals a day: eggs for breakfast, chicken twice, fish once, and any protein I want for the last one. Plus veggetables, rice, oatmeal, and fruit all mixed in there somewhere...so I might actually find it tough to eat so much!

D 12/15/2006 9:04 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipg

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Speaking as someone who did the Body-4-Life program (which is similar to what you described), the kind of eating plan you're on is definitely the right way to go. The more (healthy) food you eat and the more you train, the faster your metaboism goes and lower your body fat percentage goes. The more muscle you end up with on your frame, the faster you burn calories. It's all momentum man!!

Keep it up! 12/15/2006 9:21 AM | Justice~!

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Awesome job D'Arcy! You're an inspiration to us all! Keep up the great work.(I wouldn't have ended that sentence with an exclamation point, but I'd already used up the two per comment I'm allotted.) 12/15/2006 1:19 PM | George

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