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Now if only I could have Rogers network with Telus' phones...

Monday, December 11, 2006 3:17 PM

I hate our cellular carriers in Canada. Hate hate hate. The phone selection sucks. Well, not really...but it depends on who you're with.

You see, I'm with Rogers...and Rogers sucks when you want a Windows Mobile 5.0 phone. They have one, and its a clunky, ugly HP device. Horrible. They have a Treo 650, but its Palm OS only. They have Blackberry's all over the place, but who cares? I want a freaking Mobile 5.0 device!

Telus has a bunch of them...they have the new Treo ZW (or WZ or whatever), and it looks awesome! But...its on a different carrier's network, which means leaving Rogers (and paying $200 exit fee per line since I still have two years left on my contract) and switching. 

I swear, this is the last time I get rooked into a contract with a cell phone company. I dont' care if you end up paying the higher cost for the phone, it's better to ere on that side then get to a point where you have no options of switching out your phone without having to pay huge charges to break a contract.

And Telus doesn't ease my fears on this either! They're worse than Rogers is! Rogers is $20 for each remaining month OR $200, whichever is LESS. Telus is the opposite: $20 per month for each remaining month or $100, whichever is MORE. Gay.

I'm so frustrated...I just want to be able to run the phone I want on my cellular providers network...i guess I might just need to hit up EBay and see what I can find.



# re: Now if only I could have Rogers network with Telus' phones...

There is a service in the USA that is coming to Canada called http://ca.cellswapper.com where they help you get out of your cell phone contract without paying early termination fees. You can actually post your plan for free and see if there are any takers. 2/26/2007 5:17 PM | Paul Smith

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