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Nothing is free...even a free search engine

Saturday, December 9, 2006 9:41 AM

Alex posted about an interesting article (click here) that talks about how Google has an immense amount of info on all of our search queries, and the possible danger to our privacy.

I guess here's my take though: Google is not a non-profit, for the betterment of the internet organization. It's a company. Although their search engine is free to use, that doesn't mean that us using it means that we're not bound by their rules as far as data collection and how that is used. I think maybe we've gotten so used to Google that we forget its still a service offered by a company.

Now with that said, I am curious to know how privacy laws work for Google in different countries. For instance, here in Canada there's a new law (either coming or already in place) that would require companies to destroy any contact information on potential customers after 3 years. So all those CRM apps that have John Doe in their system will need to either re-contact him after three years or clean him out. So how does that affect Google, which technically has information on users (IP addresses)?

So anyway...just remember when you're doing your searches that yes, its being tracked, and if that really bothers you, don't use the search engine...or use somebody else's computer ;)



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