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Vacation Day 2: Update

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 7:17 PM
Well...today didn't work out quite the way I was hoping it would. For instance, I haven't played WoW at all today. Remember that 500MB download? Apparantly it added a tonne of functionality...which apparantly is causing issues over at Blizzard. So instead of the early-afternoon time for the realms coming back on line (LightningHoof for my undead characters Sinreaper and Sinquisitor, and Duskwood for my human warrior Kindika, in case anyone wants to add me to their friends list) we're now looking at 9PM central time...IF WE'RE LUCKY!

Also, no new Christmas tree for us this year. We were going to pick up a new-faux tree to replace our current one, but holy crap...a 7.5 foot high tree will start around $200?! (That's Canadian btw). I didn't think they were that much...that's almost a Wii! So we're going to use the current one and wait for boxing day.

Otherwise, today was awesome. Went shopping, slept in, watched Jerry Springer...OOoooo, I totally missed the days when my friends would get together for breakfast for Jerry before heading off to college in the mornings. Today was "I'm pregnant by a giant transexual". Classic Springer...classic. I missed Maury this morning though...but I have the rest of the week to catch up.



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