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Vacation Day 1: WoW and Rosie

Monday, December 4, 2006 9:48 AM

I'm on vacation this week. I haven't gone anywhere, staying at home and relaxing. We have some errands to run today, but so far this vacation has been excellent.

It started with me playing a few hours of WoW this morning and upping my priest to almost lvl 16 (w00t!). In between was checking emails, seeing how badly I lost in Fantasy Football, and also watching all those episodes of CSI:NY that I had DVR'd over the last month but never had time to watch them. My DVR is now free of recordings other than some Conan Obrien footage with Borat on it. Classic.

I also got a taste of what morning talk shows are like. I watched a bit of Rachel Ray. GAG ME! Don't get me wrong, I think she's nice, perky, and entertaining...but she's following in her mentor's footsteps (read: Oprah). I watched the segment where she was talking about her holiday gift guide, but it was all marketing! Net Flix, Play Station/Sports Illustrated. She did have some kewl one-of's, but otherwise I felt like it was the shopping channel. And is it the new thing that everyone in an audience receives something?! I gotta hit the talk show circuits if I ever visit New York.

Then I caught a bit of The View, right in the middle of them discussing gay marriage (remember, Rosie's on now). The old woman on the show (not Barb Walters...the OTHER old one) was talking about how she's boycotting her own wedding until all gays are married...which I guess is another way of her telling her long time guy they aren't getting hitched for a while. Anyway, they started talking about the president, and then they started talking about evangelicals, then they started talking about how Christ taught we should "love our neighbors".

Let me, as an evangelical Christian, set the record from my point of view:

1. Jesus actually said the greatest commandmant was to love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul FIRST...then love your neighbor as yourself. So...what does it mean to love God? It means understanding what His want is for our life, and how he'd like us to live it. That means understanding moral choices that we should be making because He wants us to first. Now, there's a whole debate from here (which I wont' get into) about what those choices are, but little Ms. Survivor girl should (Melissa or Emily or whatever her name is on The View) ensure that she's quoting things properly and not picking and choosing scripture as it suits her point in a discussion. That goes for Christians and non-Christians alike though.

2. Seriously, get off the whole Gay marriage thing already...and by that, I'm talking to Christians! I still have no idea why there's such a rush to "Save the institution of marriage" in North America when the biggest threat isn't gay marriage, but issues around heterosexual marriage! What about adultery, what about divorce, what about spousal abuse...all these things that are just shoved under the rug while we paint a bullseye on gay marriage. We need to deal with all of these issues as a faith community, and not just pick and choose...otherwise we're no better than the Pharisees of old with their do's and don'ts (and remember that Jesus called them a Brood of Vipers).

3. Some guest woman on the show then tried to liken gay marriage and the rights around that to abortion. Oh...Please...you can't compare the civil rights of two people to enter a legally recognized partnership to the decision to end a life...you just can't. That's why celebrities should stick to reading things from a script someone else wrote, unless they're willing to investigate the issues themselves and organize their own intelligent response and not one that's jsut playing to what's in fashion. Maybe what's scarier is that so many people look to celebrities like Oprah and others as if what they say is gospel and right.

Ok, so this became a bit of a rant. Anyway, more vacation discussion to come this week! Enjoy working!



# re: Vacation Day 1: WoW and Rosie

Kent, that was possibly the best way I've ever heard celebrity pull described. "...they can't help if mindless people hang on their words." How true, how true.

i think today I'll be focussing on whichever channel has Jerry Springer on, and hopefully I can catch Maury too! I'm wondering if it'll be "I know he's the father of my child" DNA tests or if it'll be "I know that one of them is the father of my child" DNA tests. I LOVE daytime...maybe I should get back into All My Children...are Tad and Dixie still an item?

D 12/5/2006 8:04 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Vacation Day 1: WoW and Rosie

"upping my priest to almost lvl 16 (w00t!). "


What realm? 12/6/2006 2:48 PM | Jason Follas

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