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Odd Citrix/Linksys Problem Fixed (Possibly)...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 11:36 AM

So I posted a while ago about an issue I was having with some thin clients and linksys routers, and how we couldn't access Citrix apps or RDP...but if the rourter was removed from the equation, everything was fine.

We did more testing, and had wacky results: a laptop hooked up to a Linksys router would could access the Citrix apps and RDP, but a thin client hooked up to the same router wouldn't.

It would work fine at home but not at the locations.

Finally we have what we think is a solution. It's very technical though, so make sure to follow along. Ready:

1. Get local user to go to electronic store and buy a D-Link router

2. Replace Linksys router with purchased D-Link router

3. Start up thin client and enjoy access to Citrix and RDP

Seriously...the whole thing is an issue with the Linksys routers. I've never really liked Linksys...been a D-Link man for a number of years. This just cements my bias that even with Cisco purchasing them, Linksys is NOT the best commercial product out there for home or SOHO router solutions.

We're going to test a few more though first before I say that D-Link is the savoior of our project, but I have a hunch that we'll have no problems with them.



# re: Odd Citrix/Linksys Problem Fixed (Possibly)...

A word of caution on your excitement. I have a DLink at home and it has the tendancy to hang and not pass any packets through. The only way to resolve this is to power-off and power-on the device. Thank goodness it only happens about once every 3 months, but it's still a royal pain in the arse when you're out of town trying to remote desktop into the environment. 11/29/2006 11:46 AM | Donald Belcham

# re: Odd Citrix/Linksys Problem Fixed (Possibly)...

Yeah, I've heard the same too about DLink...but I've run two different routers (one with and without wireless) for a number of years with no issues. So I guess its all luck whether you get a lemon or not...but the fact that so many Linksys in the same order have issues with routing RDP? That's just dumb...

D 11/29/2006 3:10 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Odd Citrix/Linksys Problem Fixed (Possibly)...

Depending on the Linksys router you may want to ditch the firmware for third party firmware. I have a Linksys (WRT54GL)wireless router that is curently running DD-WRT and the features that it offers blows the crappy Linksys firmware away. 11/29/2006 6:07 PM | Willyd

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