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What a sh*t day....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 9:17 PM

Horrible day. Absoultely horrible. First, my PDA died. Now to make it worse, I have no idea where the adapter is. "But D'Arcy, how did you recharge it all this time?" With the USB cable that came with it...which, it turns out, will charge the device as long as it has some battery charge...but if not, you're SOL.

Then...THEN...I get home only to find that I've left my laptop power cable back at the office, and although I have an extended battery that says 3 hours, it's really more like 2 if I'm lucky...and don't get me started on the whole "why don't you just dim the screen to save energy" because although those keys exist, they don't work on my laptop. But hey, if I don't have enough juice to do anything meaningful on those reports that are due this week, I know that I'll be able to troubleshoot the issue with the thin-client devices that we're rolling out.

You see, some of them don't want to display Citrix icons when connected through a Linksys router. But its all random...we can't reproduce it in the office...although we were able to reproduce it at a local client's office who was nice enough to let us use his static IP...but then taking the device home tonight, it works perfectly...so WTF?!

I have two days until I'm on holidays and I just feel like crap. As much as I like working out of the office, I wish I could just be sourced out for a few months somewhere so that the whole pressure of "being billable" would be off my shoulders.

Finally, I'm using Firefox, which means that all my formatting isn't going to show up and this will appear in the main feed and on my blog page as a big chunk of text and make me look like I passed grade 2 english and that was it. Thanks Firefox for being such a tool. I guess I could switch to html view...oh wait, there ISN'T ONE! There's one when I access the web-admin page in Windows and IE 7. Stupid Firefox. Stupid Mac. Stupid world.


Edit: Thank you George for pointing out that Firefox is by default in HTML view. I'll remember that for next time, as I'm currently happily Rich Text editing through IE 7...hurray. 


# re: What a sh*t day....

As a favor to my wife, please give me at least 10 seconds warning before you throw the grenade into the office. Thanks. 11/29/2006 6:58 AM | Boomer

# re: What a sh*t day....

In Firefox, you just type in HTML. You're LOOKING at the HTML view.

All you needed was a couple open paragraph, end paragraph tags and your post would have been fine.

Chris and I both enter our posts that way every time. Makes us feel like geeks.

So here's what you're going to do. You're going to edit that post, using Firefox and geek it up with some HTML tags. Then after you nailed that one small task, you'll smile because you rock.

Then your PDA cord will suddenly be found because you remembered you stuck it in with the pile of cords in that one box. Your laptop cord you know where it is and you're going to have amazing focus today to finish up those reports quicker than you thought you could.

Why? Because you, my friend, are that crazy canuck D'Arcy (from Winnipeg). And you simply rock.
11/29/2006 7:18 AM | George

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