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Grey Cup Thoughts

Monday, November 20, 2006 6:41 AM

So the Grey Cup was last night and I was lucky enough to attend it with a buddy. Here are some thoughts and observations:

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a new Quarterback in Montreal

Thank you Anthony Calvillo for all you've done. Now get lost. Ok, that might be harsh, and yes there is blame to go all around (receivers dropping balls, etc.), but your pivot needs to be dynamic, athletic, and inspiring; acronyms that I don't think describe Calvillo. He is older, and he isn't going to get any younger. Unless he wants to be the leagues next Danny McManus, he needs to bow out now so that the Als can get some new blood in there.

Jake Ireland is a tool

Speaking of guys that need to retire, please somebody do something with Jake Ireland. Horrible HORRIBLE calls by his team in this game. Like whistling the fumble dead and not awarding the Als a touchdown. Or how about the upstairs judge not reviewing the non-fumble that Edwards did which ended up in awarding the ball to BC? Now, neither of these plays would mean that Montreal would have won the game, but still: we need refs that don't make stupid calls which have impact on games. Until they put sensors in the football and kneepads, I guess that's just a fantasy though. But Jake Ireland is still a tool.

BC wasn't THAT dominating

The papers are already going on about how dominating BC was and how great Dickenson was blah blah blah. Really...then why was their leading scorer the kicker?! Montreal's defense is what kept the Als in the game. They continually shut down the BC offense and prevented them from getting into the endzone and having to settle for field goals.

You need to have a fat guy shouting at the teams sitting a few rows behind you

OMG, this old guy was behind us a few rows, and he was hilarious! He was yelling stuff like "C'mon Montreal, wipe your @$$es with BC!" and "Dickenson you <vulgar reference to a homosexual person beginning with q>". He was on fire until the 4th quarter (guess he spent all his energy by then). Definately made the game more interesting

Coors Light is NOT worth $7 for 17 oz

I mean, it was utilitiy beer that was passable...but please: 7 bucks for a beer?

Nelly Rocked the Show

Nelly Furtado was awesome...great halftime show and defintaely no lip-synching.

Hamilton had the best cheerleaders of the teams

"Hamilton?" Yes, Hamilton. Well...heh...at least by the fans on my side of the stadium. They were the only group that was ballsy enough to do a routine where they took off their parkas and danced in some sleeveless getups. The guys really dug that for some reason. ;)
And for the record, BC cheerleaders were the worst. I don't know who choreographs their dances, but UGH. Looked like a bunch of 4 year olds at their first school Christmas pagent or something.

Stegall and Jones are the best WR/QB combo in history? Really?!

Sorry, but my vote would have gone to Flutie and Pitts. I have to wonder if they did that just for the Winnipeg crowd...I can't see too many from outside Winnipeg voting for Jones and Stegall. I'm glad they were recognized, and it gave the Winnipeg faithful another opportunity to remind Stegall they want him back, by cheering "1 more year" while he was accepting the award.

Overall, a great Grey Cup and Winnipeg should be proud! Toronto will have some pretty big shoes to fill next year when they host it.



# re: Grey Cup Thoughts

The Als offense sucked in the first half. Their defence kept them in it.

The blown whistle on the fumble was a bad mistake but how could they award a touchdown to the Als when everyone heard the whistle on the field?

I definitely remember the Hamilton cheerleaders! Like the Edmonton squad, they did something memorable.

I believe the Stegall/Jones vote was entirely online, so someone got busy and spread the word I guess. It did seem a bit of a setup.

My peeve about the game? The security checkpoints - we stood in the line for gate 5 for over a half hour, and the pat-down you had to go through at the front of the line was so poorly done it wasn't worth anything.

The busride to and from Southdale was fun too - that's definitely the way to get to the football game. 11/21/2006 9:29 AM | MikeD

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