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Rememberance Day - It's Gotta Change

Monday, November 13, 2006 1:41 PM

In Manitoba, Rememerance Day is not a statutory holiday. If you do work on it, you get perks of double time or something like that. For some reason, some businesses give their employees Monday off (today) since Rememberance Day happened on Saturday, so half the city is a ghost town and half is business as usual (maybe its better to give a day off than pay double time as far as profit/labour costs go?)

My question is...WHY?! Could it be that the laws have affected what Rememberance Day has come to represent: an excuse for a day off?!

Here's what I think needs to happen: on Remembrance Day everyone gets the morning off for the purpose of attending a service or doing whatever to hold personal rememberance over those that fought for our country. Then, after the morning, you're free to do whatever. It only affects the day it happens on...no days-off-in-lieu or any crap like that. Why? Because I think that would do more to foster the SPIRIT and REASON for the day. Right now if you talk to anyone about it, the discussion will head straight to whether they get the day off or not, or a day in lieu. Never does the conversation start with "Gee, what do you think the world would be like if those men and women didn't go overseas to fight Hitler?".

I'm very frustrated with what Rememberance Day has become because my generation and the next one don't seem to really give a rat's ass about it. Even now, we spend more time spewing anti-war rhetoric about the current state of Afghanestan instead of showing true support for our troops.

War sucks. War for improper means is even worse. But regardless, soldiers ar soldiers because they've chosen to defend and fight for their country and those of us who would rather stay back and drink our Starbucks should properly reflect and appreciate the sacrifice these men and women and their families have made.



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Joining your rant -- I remember Remembrance Day as one of the stat holidays that didn't move. If it happened on a weekend, and you were expecting a day off, too bad. It was the time to remember those who fell, not yet another excuse to head to Future Shop.

Oh, and when did they change it to allow stores to be open? Another item I remember is that even 7-11 could only sell bread and milk (and baby food) under threat of large fines. 11/13/2006 3:27 PM | Kent Sharkey

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Excellent points.
Memorial Day in the States is seen as the "first summer holiday", not for its original purpose. The conversation on Veterans' Day either centers around the banks/post office not being open (no mail) or whether you get it off. I know of no one who celebrates it as a solumn day.
Of course, the anti-military bias in the media for every conflict since Korea, and the general disdain for old people doesn't help either. 11/14/2006 9:04 AM | Scott Miller

# re: Rememberance Day - It's Gotta Change

here here D'Arcy. Well said 11/18/2006 7:10 AM | Shaneo

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