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A Positive Mac Post

Friday, November 10, 2006 7:54 PM

So we finally moved the HP inkjet printer/scanner from the office to where the Mac is. Apple always plays up how "plug and play" friendly Macs are, and I was veeeery skeptical.

So I plug in the printer, and plug the usb cable into the Mac...and nothing. No notification, no "we've found new hardware"...nothing.

WTF?! How the heck do I get this printer working? I don't even know where the driver disk is!

So now I'm ticked...another Mac woe for me to blog about. But then I remembered that there's a printer settings area in the admin settings form. So I went there...and that is where the wonder began.

There, in the printer preferences window, was not just text saying the make and model of my printer...there was a picture...of...my...printer! I opened a text file to do a test print, and from the file>print menu, there was my printer all set up. And as the document was printing, an image of my printer (not generic, but the actual bread-box of an HP model that I have) displayed in the bottom menu. Very slick, very easy, very my-grandmother-could-do this.

I am fully impressed with this...its just...I mean...no drivers to install, no weird wizards to move through...nothing...just plug it in and go.

Very kewl.



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