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CFL Semi-Final Recap

Sunday, November 5, 2006 10:23 PM

2 for 2 in my semi final predictions! w00t!

Oh how beautiful the sound was as the tears of the hopeful Bomber fans flowed through the streets like a tidal wave of sadness and futility! MUA HA HA! The Argos are going on to meet the Montreal Alouettes for the Eastern Division title, and the Bombers are simply going home. I knew they'd choke, I knew that they'd once again mess it up along the way, even with hosting the Grey Cup this year. But they've shown great improvement over the past years, and Kevin Glenn is emerging as a more stable starting QB. But still...its the Bombers, and they finally didn't let me down. I mean, I wanted them to lose, but that's besides the point...

And I guess I was right about Sask wanting it a bit more. Good for the Green Riders. They deserve going to the Western Final this year. In fact, I think they'd be great to represent the West in the Grey Cup game...but that just won't happen. So, I give you my Western/Eastern Final predictions:

Western Final: Saskatchewan Roughriders over BC Lions

Yes, I'm throwing my backing behind the Roughriders. Everyone and their dog will be saying that the Lions should win this easily and that there's no way that the Roughriders will make it. But remember: the Riders have won 3 out of 4 meetings with the Lions this year, so even though BC has the better record, they're going against a team that's owned them all year. The Green Machine will be in the big dance.

Eastern Final: Montreal Alouettes over Toronto Argonauts

Although Toronto beat the Bombers today, it took pulling their starting QB in favor of a younger, more athletic player to really make it happen. Moreso, it took a turnover by the Bombers RB Charles Roberts to give them the edge. It wasn't a blow out, it was a close game. The Alouettes will not be playing a close game. The Alouettes are going to power over the Argos on their way to yet another Grey Cup appearance.

Enjoy the games next weekend!



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