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The Benevolent Atlanta Falcons

Tuesday, September 26, 2006 7:37 AM

I watched with tears streaming from my eyes at watching the game last night. Not because the Falcons lost, but because of the obvious love and emotion they felt for the city of New Orleans and its fans. They realized that life was more than just an extra increment in the win column, no, life was about family and friends and life, and life was what New Orleans needed most.

I can see Jim Mora telling his team in the locker room "Guys, tonight we have the opportunity to be selfish, or we have the opportunity to give a gift to the city that they'd normally not have: seeing their team win at home. Look at yourselves, and your hearts, and see what type of player you are." And so they did. Vick purposefully threw to his receiver's feet. Crumpler dropped balls. Warrick Dunn ran at quarter speed. And they even let some guys in to block a couple of kicks.

Why? Because the Falcons wanted New Orleans to have a complete evening. They wanted to do their part to help others like the ESPN commentators and Harry Conick Jr. make their pleas for tourism dollars that much more real and exhilerating.

The Atlanta Falcons: my pick for humanitarians of the year.



# re: The Benevolent Atlanta Falcons

So what award are you going to give to the Als? Chokers of the year? 9/26/2006 7:41 AM | The Igloo Coder

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