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Chili Peppered

Thursday, September 21, 2006 6:32 AM

Went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last night...very good show...8/10 I'd say. Why only 8 out of 10?

Reason 1: Mars Volta
As in Mars Re-volt-ing. Wait, that's a little harsh. I commend these guys (who opened the show) for trying something a bit edgier...they were made up of a 7 or 8 piece band, including a sax player. But the music...it just sounded like noise...or that each member of hte band was playing a different song. We actually got up and hung out in the arena concourse until they were done. I'm sure there's an audience for them, but it wasn't there last night.

Reason 2: No Soul to Squeeze
The one song that I wanted to hear didn't get played. But I can't really fault them. We're talking about a band with quite a large song library. I'm sure they had to make sacrifices when picking for the two hour set, and the songs they did play were awesome. Alot was off of Stadium Arcadium, which is to be expected since its the latest album I guess.

Flea is a genius on teh bass guitar. Seriously...dude put on a clinic last night. John is possibly one of the most artistically skilled guitar players of all time. Anthony seemed like just the token singer during some songs, where the real star performers were the ones on the instruments.

So yeah, great show overall. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go download Soul to Squeeze off of ITunes.



# re: Chili Peppered

Mars Volta is a prog band who create songs with discordant parts. Some people on Amazon have said that MV's songs are too "mechanical" or "mathematical". I am really surprised that they would open for the Peppers. 9/21/2006 7:33 AM | Scott Miller

# re: Chili Peppered

Yeah, we were surprisded too...they have a very different sound from the Peppers, but maybe that was the attraction to partnering up with them.

I don't think they got over with the crowd though.

D 9/21/2006 7:43 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Chili Peppered

You need to hear Mars Volta's album material. I am a big fan but when I heard them live it wasn't the same.

I saw the Chili peppers a couple of years ago and I got the same feeling. Keidis was outshined by the band and didn't look like he belonged. 9/21/2006 8:10 AM | Steven R

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