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More Apple Delays

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 10:19 AM

I just checked the Apple site to check my order status. It's now been moved to September 26 as an estimated shipping date. Holy crap...maybe I should just check what the pricing is at the local stores here and cancel my Apple order...this is getting rediculous.



# re: More Apple Delays

When you make a deal with the devil, expecting to get a lollipop, often you'll get a poopsicle instead, but you have to eat it all, because there are starving kids in Australia, without a mommy or a mommy because of two in the bush.

Well, that's what my Grandma used to say. Hope that helps!

9/19/2006 10:59 AM | George

# re: More Apple Delays

I can't help but snicker. No wonder switchers are so happy, because they get 2 months would out a computer and they can do non-virtual things with non-virtual people 9/19/2006 11:35 AM | Jeff Julian

# re: More Apple Delays

Good point Jeff!

Oh, by the D'Arcy, I just figured out what's causing the delay. Apple is just trying to figure out where Canada actually is located. They don't normally ship to strange places like that, so you can imagine the head scratching going on at Apple trying to figure out where this mysterious order to "Canada" should be delivered.

I guess I can meet you at the border with it and maybe throw it across the painted line they have there if you want.

Why did you get an Apple again? 9/19/2006 11:41 AM | George

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