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CFL Week 2 Predictions

Friday, June 23, 2006 4:27 AM

So I was 3 outta 4 last week, let's see if I can improve my record to 7 - 8. Before we get to the games though, the CFL announced that its going to be offering live webcasts of ALL CFL GAMES! There's a fee of course ($10), and all the games are televised. But when a local blackout is applied, its a great option to be able to still see the game. On to the predictions.

The Ricky and Spurgyn Show
Yes the Bombers looked vastly improved last week. Yes, they held the Alouettes at bay until they fell apart in the fourth. Yes Damon Allen is injured. But look, you can run all the drills you want, you can't change personality; and the Bombers are still holding on to that grungy-kid-who-thinks-he's-tough-at-the-smoking-doors mentality. They should be good for at least 40 yards worth of stupid penalties for this game, alot of those stupid and at crucial moments. And there was one other thing....oh yeah...KEVIN GLENN. Argos will take this one.

Montreal Avec Win
(Yes, my french makes no sense). Ti-Cats had problems in the secondary...Montreal is deadly passing, and their running game is pretty solid too. I expect Calvillo and the boys won't be sitting on their laurels for the first 30 minutes of hte game like last week either. But Ti-Cats have tenacity. It should be a good gam, but I'll give the nod to the Als.

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
(It's a horrible lyric, but that song from Big and Rich is just soooo catchy) Calgary looks great, but remember it took two final-minutes-of-the-game plays for them to come out on top last week. Edmonton is not the same team as last year though either. Gotta give it to Calgary for this week...besdies, Edmonton teams seem to always lose to opponents that wear red. OH SNAP, yeah I went there.

BC vs Sask Round 2...Not Much Different
Unless the movie Freaky Friday has occurred and these two teams switched bodies (I call copyright on that idea!), I just can't see Saskatchewan beating BC. Sask is supposed to be improved with all teh off season signings, but I have to be a BC believer after the performance last week. Until I see Dickenson and Simon stink up the joint or start to lose momentum, I gotta go with the Lions.

So to sum up for all you Sports Select players out there:
Toronto over Winnipeg
Montreal over Hamilton
Calgary over Edmonton
BC over Sask

On a side note, I downloaded a program that will recover my lost files. Yay! Guess which file is NOT being listed anywhere though? That's right..my journal one...sigh...



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