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CFL Predictions - How did I do?

Sunday, June 18, 2006 6:55 AM

Well the games may not have gone the way I thought they would, but I was 3 outta 4 for the results.

Winnipeg crumbled in the second half and Montreal stormed back with 20 4th quarter points to put the Bombers back in their place: the losin column.

Toronto, without Damon Allen, tamed the Tiger-Cats and Toronto looked much stronger than their pre-season performance. Spergon Wynn looked awesome as the backup QB having to fill in for Allen, who broke his finger on the third play and will be out 4 - 6 weeks. Spergon Wynn...why is that name so familiar? Oh yeah...the Bombers had him as a backup and then GOT RID OF HIM.

I totally blew my BC/Sask prediction. BC looked unbelievable, and although I'll want to see a few games before making it official, there may be a new Best-in-the-West team. Mind you, give Joseph a chance to get a bit more comfortable in the Sask offense, and they could still turn it around. SK has to do something about that dreadful secondary though.

And finally, Calgary beat out Edmonton in the game nobody in Alberta actually watched because the Oilers were busy pushing a 7th game in Carolina for the Stanley Cup.

Next weeks schedule is practically identical, with Calgary/Edmonton changing home field location, as is BC and Saskatchewan. Toronto comes to Winnipeg for the Ricky Williams show, and Montreal travels to Hamilton to take on the Tabbies. I'll have my predictions later on this week.



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