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D'Arcy-Ed End of Day 2

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 9:00 PM

Y'know, I'm not hearing hot things coming out of Tech Ed. Bad keynotes, bus drivers not knowing how to get around the town, and then today a buddy sent me pictures of those magic tables that replenish themselves with goodies..but there was a freaking bucket of fruit on it! Where's the high carb, high sugar, high fat chocolate bar goodness?!?!

Today at D'Arcy-Ed, it was an extraveganza of .NET goodness. Much fun had by all. Nothing super crazy to report other then I had the BEST coffee ev-AR this morning. Not only did I make the coffee, but I made it strong enough to strip paint off the walls. Good times.

In exciting news, I think I realized what my issue was with my video card (ATI Radeon 9800 AIW). I've been wanting to play more WoW, but the slowdown issue and not being able to upgrade to the latest drives without really hooping my system always kept me at bay. I came accross a post suggesting a power issue. “Pfft” I said, “I dont' have a power issue. My power supply is meant for a P4 system!” But as I cleaned out my case today, I noticed that I have a 350 W power supply, not the 450 watt supply I thought I had bought. Oops. So tomorrow I'm picking one up after work and we'll see if that helps things.

So that's the report so far. More goodness to come tomorrow!



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