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Life After a Youth All Nighter

Sunday, January 29, 2006 1:15 PM

So I help in forming the minds of the youth that come to our church, and that sometimes involves partaking in youth events. This past Friday was our second all-nighter event, and it went really really well. It's amazing how you can push yourself to do things you'd normally not think were possible, but I think part of that involves what the activity actually is too.

The night started at 8:00 with a few rounds of games-in-the-dark, then it moved to free time and the Risk game began (I started with Australia, but ended up moving to South America...a move that became my downfall). About 3AM we walked to Mac's a few blocks down (nothing says What the hell? to a Mac's employee like approx 20 kids walking into the store at 3AM). Liminy Snicket was on the plate along with American Idol's Worst for movies, and hte night was capped off with a 6:00 AM game of football in the knee-high snow in the field accross from the church. Good times.

I slept like crazy Saturday...8 - 4, and probalby would have gone longer but I had a buddy come over at 6:00 for some XBox goodness.

All in all, a very busy week. I need to finish up a mobile app for a project I'm on for Monday, so that's the goal for today. That and beginning my plans for world domination. Mua ha ha. (well...more like laundry and cleaning before my wife gets hom on Tuesday).



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