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Seahawks vs Pittsburgh: You heard it here first!

Monday, January 16, 2006 11:07 AM

Good on Pittsburgh for overcoming a HORRIBLE call overturning what should have been an interception as well as Jerome Bettis' HORRIBLE fumble on the two yard line, and earning a spot in the AFC divisional playoff game. I honestly don't think Denver has a chance with this, but hopefully they make somewhat of a game out of it.

Seattle “should” win over the Panthers, but man...the Panthers could be that homely girl that no one thinks will show up to the prom, but comes anyway....kind of like the Jaguars: who would have thought they would even make the playoffs? It always makes it more interesting when teams that aren't normally in the spotlight make it to the big games.

Good on Casey Printers for getting picked up by the KC Chiefs. Casey was awesome playing for the BC Lions of the CFL, and hopefully he'll get more of a shot playing than Ricky Ray did.



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