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Friday, January 13, 2006 11:13 PM

Some random stuff...

This came accross my blog aggregator today...and its weird. You've all seen preachers trying to get people to donate on TV where they'll receive a “special gift” of a book or something. Well this pastor is taking the whole “sword of the spirit” a little too literally. Obviously trying to play to the D&D crowd of unsaved heathens, check out the “Sword of the King”.

My buddy Matt Ranlett has reminded us all that its only one month to Valentine's day. Just remember to give the gift that says “Honey I love you!”.

I'm working on a project where we need to do SQL 2005 replication to SQL mobile databases. The catch? The client's IT team is a Java shop, and they're very wary of IIS. So we're going to be port forwarding everything from IIS through Apache. If its as simple as just port forwarding, no problem. But it'll be interesting to see how this will play out (getting IIS and Apache to play nice with each other). I'm really pumped about getting on with the project though...mobile development rules.

Ok, off to bed. l8r



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