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Mobile Datagrid 2.0 and World Junior Hockey

Wednesday, January 4, 2006 12:21 PM

I'm starting on a new project at work where we're developing for the Windows Mobile 2003 platform using VB.NET 2005. I was really pumped to see all the new controls, especially the editable datagrid becaue they HAD to put one in this time around!

But to my shock and horror...the datagrid is STILL not editable! I couldn't believe it! How could Microsoft let me down?! Well, they didn't...sort of. By using all the nifty drag and drop abilities of VS.NET 2005, the IDE will actually create the datagrid from a datasource, and with a click of a smart tag automagically create the view and edit forms for when a row in the grid is clicked on. Fantastic stuff! Below are links to the three articles on MSDN that explain how to get all this stuff running.

This shows you how to create a SQL Server Mobile Database.

This shows you how to use the datagrid for mobile development on PPC's with VS.NET 2005

This shows you how to create summary and edit views.

And in case you missed it: the Russians spanked the Yanks last night 5-1 to set up a Canada/Russia gold medal game at the world junior hockey tournament.



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