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My name is David Jacobus I am a former teacher of Computer Science and Mathematics, who is now working full time as a SharePoint Consultant! I have raced off-road motorcycles for 30+ years! I have fallen in love with Glamis and the Dune experience the last few years! My friends like to say: Jake, with age comes the cage! I suppose that is because at Glamis I use a Razor XP 900! Which has a full roll cage!

David Jacobus SharePoint Consultant September 2010 Entries
SharePoint 2010 Ribbon Server/Client Communication
My last project had me do some SharePoint 2010 Ribbon customizations. I though I would blog about some of the things I learned! There are many ways to create a Ribbon component. You could use a custom action to a tab to an existing Ribbon or in the case that I will be discussing/demonstrating is creating a complete new tab for a SharePoint Application page. The steps developer should take : Work through the Hand-On Lab provided by Microsoft on Customizing the Ribbon. This is part of The SharePoint ......

Posted On Thursday, September 30, 2010 4:32 PM

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