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The new Service Release 2 of SharpBox 1.1 comes with support for many new storage providers, e.g. Strato HiDrive, CloudMe or FTP. In addition to that we are also proud to offer our library with SR2 via NuGet which allows to integrate the binaries and all dependencies in a new project very fast. Please use this URLĀ to visit our NuGet gallery page:

The following list will give you a brief overview about the changes in this service release:

  • Feature: Official Strato HiDrive Support
  • Feature: Official CloudMe Support
  • Feature: Official FTP Support
  • Feature: Allowed to serialize a DropBox Request Token
  • Feature: Allowed to serialize tokens directly into Base64 string (comfort function)
  • Feature: Added new version of the transfer interface which allows to get progress notification async
  • Feature: Added NuGet package
  • Change: Allowed to deserialize a tokens without a previously opened connection to the cloud storage
  • Change: Changed to format of the GUID which is used as oAuth nonce to a 32Bit digit without dashes and brackets
  • Fix: Allowed to deserialize a token without influencing the cloudstorage object state
  • Fix: Closed stream before receiving WebResponse to be WP7 compatible
  • Fix: WebDav client does not need the requested resource information as first element in the XML collection
  • Fix: NullReferenceException in authentication sequence - Issue 16506
  • Fix: The 500ms windows is calculted in wrong way

The SR2 will be the last service release for the 1.1 series. We areĀ planning to release 1.2 with many new features based on the upcoming version 1 of the DropBox-REST-API. If you start a new project with SharpBox please do not use credential based login within DropBox because we have to remove this way to be compliant with the terms of DropBox.

The latest bits are ready to download here or via NuGet!

Posted on Saturday, October 8, 2011 1:53 PM .NET Coding , Coding , SharpBox | Back to top

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