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WOW. I'm really excited about this. I've been customizing and maintaining a “fat client” membership management system for a few years now. It's essentially a client-side .exe (built in VB6) framework that invokes GOBS of ActiveX dlls as needed (we decided to put GUIs inside DLLs. That is an entirely different topic, altogether. “that is an entirely different topic”). Zucker humor, anyone?

Anyway, I found something in John Alexander's blog on VBRun, and there's an MSDN article on Exposing COM Components to the .NET Framework, which I hope will lead me down the path of eventually migrating this behemoth to

If I can redesign the main executable to invoke my existing VB6-based OCXs, then I have all the time in the world to hot-swap these OCXs with new-and-improved .NET versions. And by all the time in the world, I mean... not really all the time in the world. But it sure beats porting ALL the code at once.

Please join me in my jubilation.


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