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Creating Master-Detail Screens in LightSwitch
LightSwitch provides support for using relationships between tables in a data source. However, QuickBooks does not natively expose relationships that can be used in LightSwitch. This article will walk you through the steps to set up a LightSwitch master-detail screen using simple queries.Connect to QuickBooksIf you are connecting to QuickBooks Desktop edition, use the included Remote Connector application. You can use the Remote Connector to connect to local and remote instances of QuickBooks. The ......

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Executing Stored Procedures in Visual Studio LightSwitch.
The CData ADO.NET Data Providers enable you to visualize and manipulate information from disparate data sources in LightSwitch applications. This entry demonstrates how to execute stored procedures in LightSwitch. This article uses the CData Email Data Provider, but the same process will work with any CData ADO.NET Data Provider.Create the RIA ServiceOpen Visual Studio 2010 and create a new WCF Service Library Project.Add a new Domain Service Class to the .Web project.In the new Domain Service Class, ......

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Connect to QuickBooks From LightSwitch Applications
The CData Data Providers for ADO.NET enable you to integrate disparate data sources into LightSwitch applications. In this demo, you will create a LightSwitch application that connects with QuickBooks Desktop and displays account data in an editable grid. Any changes will be immediately reflected in QuickBooks. The procedure outlined below can be used with any CData ADO.NET Data Providers.Connect to QuickBooksTo connect to Desktop editions of QuickBooks, use the included Remote Connector application ......

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