September 2005 Entries

More on Windows Workflow Foundation
Apparently I have not been under as much of a rock as I thought. WWF (no relation to World Wrestling Federation :) ) has only recently been announced with what appears to have been very little fanfare. There is what appears to be a fairly in depth article by Dino Esposito called “Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation: A Developer Walkthrough” available here. And Microsoft already has a site up here on MSDN linking off to all sorts of interesting WWF goodness ......

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MDX for Months across and years down
There was a question recently in the Olap newsgroup at microsoft.public.sqlserver.... about how to create an MDX query with months across and years going down. Typically the answer to such a question would be to break up the time dimension and put years and months in their own dimensions. By default, and in tools such as Excel this is typically an impossible query. The rules of MDX state that a given dimension cannot participate in more than one axis in a query. However... You can create calculated ......

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New Features in Sharepoint v3
via Matthew Cosier New Features in Sharepoint “v3“ http://www.sharepointblogs.... Holy Shared Points Batman! I have not been through these points in detail - But I think just about all the major wishlists from people regarding v2 have been squeezed in here. (I kept telling people that Sharepoint was getting a lot of focus from MS) :) ......

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SQL 2005 Resources

via Kimberly Tripp

Kimberly Tripp (SQL Server MVP) has posted an extensive list of resources from her pre-PDC workshops here, that will be of interest to anyone, not just PDC attendees.

Thanks Kimberly :)

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Windows Workflow Foundation
From Microsoft's website Overview Windows® Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow-enabled applications on Windows. It consists of a Microsoft® WinFX® name space (System.Workflow), an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Windows Workflow Foundation is available (currently as Beta) in both client and server versions of Windows and it includes support for both system workflow and human workflow. ......

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New Graphics Products from Microsoft
An email on the aus-dotnet mailing list this morning pointed out the following new products from Microsoft: Microsoft Expression "Acrylic Graphic Designer"Microsoft Expression "Sparkle Interactive Designer"Microsoft Expression "Quartz Web Designer" http:/ I have had a play with the beta of Acrylic and (this is just my opinion) it looks like Microsoft are trying to fill the gap between Visual Studio .NET and graphic design products like those from ......

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Webcast of Bill Gates Keynote speach at PDC 05
[via Stefan Gossner] September 13, 2005 Live webcast starts at 8:30 A.M. Pacific In a live keynote from Los Angeles at the world’s premier event for software developers, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates unveils the next generation of software application opportunities, featuring important technical previews of the next version of Microsoft Office, code-named "Office 12," and Microsoft Windows Vista, formerly code-named "Longhorn." ......

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Analysis Services 2000 DSO Scripts
I have a number of DSO scripts that I developed a couple of years ago when I was working on a very large Analysis Services 2000 project. I was recently catching up on the OLAP newsgroup and noticed that there was someone asking about DSO scripts for copying aggregations. I had one such beast in my tool box and decided to post it on my blog. As I get time I will go through and pull out some of the other more generic scripts and put them up here too. Copying Aggregations Script List Source Tables (added ......

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Desktop Images

I can't even remember how I got to this site, I had been right clicking on links and opening them in new windows. (which reminds me, I want to try installing MSN Search as I understand that it adds tabbed browsing to IE). But this site has some really nice looking images for desktop backgrounds

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