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I can't say I follow things that closely in the Windows Phone world, but I am aware of the upgrade to Windows phone 7.8.  I've been looking forward to this for a while.  The improvements in the UI look nice, and when I get it, I can try to kid myself that my company phone, a Nokia Lumia 800, is really an 820.

It appears that the roll-out of 7.8 started today in the US for Nokia 900 users.  It can take a while for upgrades to make it to all the eligible phones.  So, imagine my delight when, this evening, my phone informed me an update was waiting for me!  Yeah!  I eagerly started the upgrade process and excitedly informed my bemused family that I was about to get Windows Phone 7.8.  After a successful upgrade, the phone re-booted...into Windows Phone 7.5.

I did a little digging.  It appears that the last upgrade, code-named Tango, has just arrived on my phone.  Tango was released on 20th July last year.  That's just over six months before I got the upgrade.

Oh dear me.

I'll report back on Windows Phone 7.8 in late summer...if I'm fortunate enough to get it by then :-(

Apologies to Nokia who I stupidly railed at in an earlier version of this post.   Of course, they simply manufacture the handsets.  In my case, the carrier is Vodafone and they are the company responsible for pushing updates to my phone.    It seems that back in September Vodafone decided to cancel the global roll-out of Tango updates to some users due to a WiFi concern.  Although the press only reported this as affecting a single HTC model, maybe this is connected with my experience.
Update 2 (Friday)
A colleague has been busy forcing upgrades on his Nokia Lumia 800 (there is a little trick you can use, apparently, that involves switching off your PC WiFi connection at just the right moment while using Zune, and then re-connecting).  He forced an upgrade to Tango.  Now, he reports that he got two further updates and then a third.  The third appears to be Windows Phone 7.8 (which at the time of writing he is currently installing).  So, best guess is that Tango is being rolled out as a precursor to the 7.8 update.  I'll report back on this later.
Update 3

After many weeks of non-information and constant complaints on their forum, Vodafone did eventually roll out Windows Phone 7.8.  This was, in fact, a patched version of 7.8.  While I have no problems with Vodafone withdrawing the roll-out of 7.8 in order to fix a bug, I do have issues with the inordinate length of time it took them to issue the patched version and, more importantly, the total lack of information provided by the company to their customers.

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Charles, I'm having lot of issues with my Nokia 920. Recently I posted this on FB

"I'm a hardcore Microsoft fan, but Nokia Lumia 920 + Windows 8 didn't work very well for me. It's been sent back to factory to fix some issues. Not really happy buying a high end phone and sending it to repair after 4 weeks. One of the big issue, phone gets frozen few times, only option is to hard reset and get it back working.. The camera started to behave in a funny way, you take picture and the picture is lost (not stored anywhere)!! The SMS/Call History date time mismatch all over the place, need to go through the full list to find out where the missed call is!! it's get worst with SMS since it could be anywhere inside the conversatin"
Left by Saravana Kumar on Jan 31, 2013 7:16 AM

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Unlike Apple which has full control over the update process of its software on its devices, Microsoft has decided that the carriers should be in charge of the final say of when you get one of their updates.

I would love to speculate the reasons for this, but ultimately it's a conflict of interest. The carriers gain nothing by giving you updates - they'd rather your phone becomes obsolete and need to be upgraded to next year's model all the sooner.

It's a terrible arrangement.
Left by Paul T on Jan 31, 2013 4:17 PM

# re: FAIL VODAFONE (sorry Nokia)
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Ah yes, how stupid of me to blame Nokia. Its Vodafone who are responsible. I have updated the blog post.

I do wonder if the coincidence is a matter of chance. I suspect that the update to Tango yesterday is somehow connected to the roll out of Windows Phone 7.8.
Left by Charles Young on Feb 01, 2013 12:23 AM

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