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Recon: Abandoned WWII Munitions Facility

While at work on Friday, I had that itch to go do some exploring. It had been a long week and I wanted to put my brain in a different gear for a while. Shortly after that I got a text message that read "I'm thinking about checking out this old WWII munitions site." Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

The plan, as with any recon, is to locate and identify. So we figured on rolling out there in the daylight, looking around and then grabbing a beer or three afterwards. Unfortunately, we both ended up working later than expected so we didn't get out of the office until well after 6.

IMAGE_866IMAGE_872If there's one thing you can count on up here, it's that when the sun starts to set it doesn't waste  any time. By the time we got there, there was just a little light left, so I snapped this as the sun went down. It's on my camera phone, which isn't the best, but it's a cool shot.

After finding a suitable place to park, we walked around a bit and took some more shots of the various columns and stuff. We're not really sure what the purpose of this place was, but it was too cool to pass up.

We walked around for a while, snapping shots from various directions and trying to make the best of the little bit of light we had left.

Grabbing some flashlights out of the jeep, we decided to head down to the main place. One of the cool things about really really old (WW-II era) sites is that they relied pretty heavily on natural terrain to hide them. What better place for a munitions facility than in the middle of the woods, right? Of course, this was in an era before satellite recon and Google Maps.

I should probably point out, my buddy has a cool Jeep. I know that seems random, but when you see it, you'll understand. We can go just about anywhere in it and look like we belong there. Nice and generic white, but slightly official looking especially with the yellow lights on top. (That's it, next to the warning sign.)

IMAGE_876After we were done here, we left the jeep and set out on foot down a dirt road for about 1/4 mile. Along the way, we spotted something resembling an empty arena, split in half by a wall. On further consideration, it was probably some sort of blasting or testing area. The really cool part about this area was that it was totally covered in some pretty excellent graffiti.

By now, it was pretty damn dark and the camera on my phone doesn't do so well in the dark, even with a flash, but fortunately we had another camera with us and snapped a lot of pics which you can see below.

The "Silk" tag is especially interesting because of the "United Crushers" reference hidden inside it. You can see it in the "dot" of the letter "i". We ended up spotting a couple of their tags Friday night. If you look close enough you can spot their tag in the orange and yellow art (middle picture) as well. In the last one, as you can see, the tag was a little more obvious.

We took a lot of pics in here. So many, in fact, that the batteries in my phone died (which also meant no more GPS... oops.) I posted the rest of the graffiti pics on Facebook including a couple that are NSFW.

{Some Pictures Have Been Removed Temporarily. If We're Friends On Facebook, Go There.}

After we were done here, we continued down the road to the next structure we saw. One of the things we were looking for was a set of 5 towers and an entrance to some underground tunnels. We found a number of interesting structures along the way... all completely gutted to the point where nothing was left but cement and stone.

Eventually we did find a set of towers, although not the right ones. These were completely  gutted as well and there weren't enough of them... only three. It was really dark, and a lot foliage but we did manage to snap a few shots.

Here is one of the towers we checked out. You can tell there were multiple levels to it, but there was no visible way inside or outside that allowed access to the top. The second picture (on the right) is a shot of the ceiling from below and shows some of the only wood we found.

{Some Pictures Have Been Removed Temporarily. If We're Friends On Facebook, Go There.}

Aside from that, and some trash, they were completely empty on the inside.

We spent a fair amount of time poking around these towers and looking for an ground level entrances to tunnels, but unfortunately came up empty. The woods were fairly dense in this area and every step with my light caused shadows to jump and move. More than once, I could have sworn I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. A couple times I got startled pretty good only to find there was nothing there.

 Eventually, we decided to head back to the Jeep. On our way back, we came to a fork in the road that we didn't notice before (probably because we had deviated from the road before getting to it on the way in.) We had a pretty good idea which way to go, so naturally we decided to go the other way and see what else was out there.

Following the new road for a bit revealed another interesting structure. This was the first intact building we had spotted, and in addition to being posted with DANGER signs, it was also surrounded by chain link fence with barbed wire around the top. The fence was chained and padlocked, so whatever was in there was probably pretty interesting. We don't break anything, and I'm damn sure not climbing through barbed wire, so that building will remain a mystery.

We kept following the road and eventually made our way around to a paved road. Following this seemed like a pretty good bet to getting back to the Jeep. Along this road was a cornfield, and believe me, there isn't much that's creepier than a cornfield late at night in the middle of nowhere.

It's especially interesting that there were growing crops here since the ground is (supposedly) heavily contaminated with Mercury. Maybe they were growing it to test the levels, or to leech the Mercury out of the soil. I have no idea.

At one point we saw another multilevel structure of interest, also completely gutted. We poked around for a bit there and then headed back toward where we thought the road was (although we did manage to get turned around at one point and head further away from the road, we eventually found it.)

We walked for a while and eventually made it back to our starting point. Unfortunately, we never found the entrance to the tunnels, but we did see some cool stuff while we were out. Maybe we'll have better luck next time.

Posted on Sunday, October 5, 2008 7:44 PM Urban Exploration | Back to top

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# re: more Friday Night Recon
Requesting Gravatar...
Have you guys thought about using a remote controlled recon device to scope out areas behind barbed wire? Or, even better - a UAV!

Oh right, $$$... Sorry, my imagination can outstretch any budget. Even if you guys had a predator drone I would be like "Well, can you deploy via an Osprey?"

Solid work - loved the pics. Good luck on the next attempt.

Left by Rich on Oct 06, 2008 8:40 AM

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