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Ok, I got tagged by my buddy Bill. So here are some things I'd hate to do without in life:

1. My laptop. It's a Gateway Tablet, with 2gig of RAM, heavy as hell and it runs hot enough to fry an egg (until I got my laptop cooler, ahhh sweet relief!) It's also got my entire life on it.  Oh sure, I still have my ginormous tower in my office, with my 26" flat panel and I just never use it. Everything I do is on my laptop and it goes everywhere with me.

2. DirecTiVO.  I would be so completely screwed without this. I'm never EVER in front of the tv when the shows I like actually come on. My season pass looks like a travelogue of NerdTV but I never miss the shows I like.

3. My Zune. It's the 2nd MP3 player I ever owned. (The first was a 64MB Creative MuVo that died a few months after I got it from the Gateway store clearance sale, back when they closed all their retail locations.)  I love my Zune in a dirty way that can't really be explained in a public setting. It goes everywhere I go.

4. I could start listing people I couldn't bare to be without, but I'd probably leave someone off (intentionally or otherwise) so I won't do that. Suffice to say, I have family and friends that I rely upon pretty heavily.  I would hate to lose any of them.

My list isn't nearly as long as some other folks who did this on their blog, but I'm not really a gadget hound or a technophile. I haven't purchased a tech book in AGES and don't really eat out that much.

Now I'm supposed to tag someone. Ok, here goes:  Theo Moore, Jason Olson, George Clingerman Posted on Sunday, July 22, 2007 6:38 PM | Back to top

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I'm somewhat concerned about the order in which you list these things. Family/friends are last? :-)
Left by Lori on Jul 23, 2007 2:00 PM

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