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I've been teaching evening classes at a local high school. It's pretty basic stuff like 6 weeks of Intro to Web Design and also single night stuff like Intro to PowerPoint. I'm coming up on 5 weeks of teaching so far and I haven't gotten paid.

So I ask the lady in charge when I should expect payment. She looks at me like I just stepped on her puppy and asks me if I'm just doing "it" (I assume she meant the teaching??) for the money.

Well... Duh-huh lady, of course I'm doing it for the money. Granted, it's not a lot of money, but it is a whole lot of frustration. What kind of doofus assumes I wouldn't want to get paid? So I politely smile and say "well, we all have bills to pay..." and look at her expectantly.

She hems and haws and shuffles some paperwork around and then looks at me and says "you get paid when your class is over." Well, needless to say I found this annoying. For starters, I'm teaching more than one class and I haven't gotten paid for ANY of them yet. I remind her of this (again politely) and ask when, exactly, will I be getting paid....

Then she tells me, "oh well, there was a problem with processing your security application, because you have an out of state drivers license. They won't run your paperwork, and we can't pay you until it's done, so unless we pay to run your paperwork ourselves, we won't be able to pay you." Then she just looks at me, as if I'm going to say... "oh don't worry about it, I don't need to get PAID."

Eventually, I got a straight answer on when to expect payment, although to be honest, I'll be surprised if it actually happens on time. She actually had the nerve to ask me if I would be teaching with them again "next time around." I politely declined. Posted on Friday, October 21, 2005 11:33 AM General Interest | Back to top

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# re: of course I do it for the money...
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Been there done that... the killer line is of course "do *you* do it for the money". If they say "yes" then you say "me too, when were you last paid?". If they say "no" you say "well I am, how about you give me a loan since the money isn't important to you".
Left by Zman on Oct 21, 2005 12:59 PM

# re: of course I do it for the money...
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hehe That's funny. I'll have to remember that for next time.
Left by Chris Williams on Oct 21, 2005 5:42 PM

# re: of course I do it for the money...
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It is unfortunate but all too common for schools to miss handle the money in terms of paying people on time and reliably. You have to wonder how these administrators would react if their pay time was unknown or held up in paper work. I think that this shows a lack of respect for all involved.
Left by Alfred Thompson on Nov 05, 2005 3:52 PM

# re: of course I do it for the money...
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I agree (obviously). :)

It's funny, I was just reading your blog earlier today, and here you are posting in mine.
Left by Chris Williams on Nov 05, 2005 5:08 PM

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