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The top 5 reasons to...

pre-register for the Visual Studio 2005 & SQL Server 2005 Product Launch Event
(being held by GC.NUG on November 10th...)

#5 If you don't, we won't have ANY attendee materials prepared for you.
#4 That means no DVDs...
#3 No Hands on Labs...
#2 Possibly not enough pizza...
#1 You won't be eligible for the big drawings!

We have 5 (FIVE) FULL COPIES of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 to give away at this event. If you don't pre-register, your name won't be in the drawing. It's that simple. Seriously!

To register for this event, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SEND AN EMAIL to this address: Please give us your real name (not your ultra cool hacker handle or your World of Warcraft name) and optionally you may provide your organization, company & city/region.

Oh and yeah, you must be present to win. Sorry. I know... Life's not fair.

For oodles of info about the event, please visit the GCNUG.ORG website and click on the Launch! tab at the top of the page (or any of the other, numerous links that will say something clever like "Launch!".) Posted on Monday, October 3, 2005 10:53 AM General Interest | Back to top

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