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A good article on CodeProject detailing code for a Directory.Copy() method.  This version also is a good example of how to use events with your background threaded code.

I was near the end of a drawn out development project for adding users to an Active Directory server when I was informed I would also need to set up their Thunderbird client settings. This required me to create a copy of a directory, sub-directories, and files over at the user's "My Documents" folder.

I tried using Microsoft's MSDN Online to search for a way to copy directories with their subfolders and files, when I determined that the Directory.Copy() method did not exist natively. I did not find anything remotely close.

I then searched the internet for other user's code examples, hoping someone had found a solution to this seemingly simple problem. And I did come across a few; still, the code I did find was inelegant and very much a "quick fix".

So I ended up writing my own.

Posted on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 7:38 AM .NET Development | Back to top

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