Speaking at SMUG and South Florida Code Camp 2014 - February 19th-22nd

I am excited to once again travel down to sunny South Florida to speak at a couple events!

First, as a founder I am honored to speak at

Southern Most User Group Feb19th-21st 2014

"Dynamics CRM for .NET Developer or How to Mobile Fast"

Want to get away from building CRUD forms? How about a Login screen? Learn the joys of working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a .NET Developer and skip all the non-sense focusing on necessary focused Development. Also learn how Dynamics CRM can be used to work with your data across all of the mobile platforms with free clients and no writing code on multiple platforms. A refreshing way to build and extend your software.

Info and FREE Registration: http://www.smugdevs.net

Second, having to skip last year, I am glad to be back at

South Florida Code Camp Feb 22nd 2014

this year! Two sessions!

Why Dynamics CRM 2013 for .NET Dev?

Do you write Line of Business Apps for living? Come learn why a .NET developer like myself is loving working with Dynamics CRM 2013. It's about focused programming! Learn more about Dynamics CRM, what it is, what a developer can do with it. How I can easily mobilized my data across multiple platforms without writing code, until we have to! 

Modern UI Design Case Study - Dynamics CRM 2013 Win8 App

Modern UI Design Case Study Dynamics CRM 2013 Win8 App From the creators of Modern UI (Metro) a first ever Windows 8 Line of Business app. We will take a look at how Microsoft chose to design their app and what take away we can gather from their design language for our own apps.

Info and FREE Registration: http://www.fladotnet.com/codecamp 

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