Thursday, May 30, 2013 #

Windows Phone app for desktop out of Beta

While I got spoiled with how nice it was to use Zune Desktop to Sync my rented Zune Pass (now Xbox Music) music files to my Windows Phone 7.x version – the new method for Windows Phone 8 was simply not adequate for this task. It does how ever provide a quick way to backup my full resolution photos to my local hard drive (knowing that the Windows Phone 8 does it’s own backup to my SkyDrive now really makes me sound like a dinosaur :)

Windows Phone app for desktop is finally out of beta:

Official Blog Post: Improved Windows Phone App for Desktop now available

Make sure to grab the latest version yourself and update yours today! This version will let you know and update itself next time here is one, not more manual updates.

And finally if this is not “cutting it” then as the blog suggest - “If you’re new to Windows Phone 8 and need some help figuring out the best sync strategy, our online wizard can help point you in the right direction.”

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