Windows Phone 7.5 is here! Bye-bye “Mango”

I am happy to help announce the release and roll-out of Windows Phone 7.5

Starting today, updates to will be rolled-out in a phased approach by carriers across the world.   
See here: 


  • Yes, every original Windows Phone 7 will be getting an update. [Once the carrier has completed their testing.]
  • Wi-Fi tethering up to 5 devices [*If supported by your carrier.]
  • You will now be able to change your keyboard input to any supported language, the language of the OS still remains the original OS Language that the phone shipped with.
  • Visual Voice Mail [*If supported by your carrier.]
  • T-Mobile will launch world’s first 4G Windows Phone this year – HTC Radar 4G on the T-Mobile network.

Full list of new features is listed here: 

How will the new apps work?

Existing Windows Phone 7 applications will continue to run un-interrupted on the new OS. But they will not automatically gain the new features, unless updated by the developer.

Microsoft has opened submission and certification of the Windows Phone 7.5 application taking advantage of the new APIs and features so you can be sure that many of your applications are already ready.

New Phones will be annouced by carriers

New Online Windows Phone experience

My Phone updated over at 


Find, Lock, Ring, Erase My Phone


Web accessible Marketplace and Over-the-air Installation

A new web-based Marketplace for apps and games is now available thought your web-browser. You will not be able to find and install applications on your computer and install on your phone without actually touching your phone or tethering - over-the-air.

Easy Re-Installation of Application and History



I am glad that the new features will very soon be on every headset out there!

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