Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools - January 2011 Update

Long time no talk? So to make up for it, here is something very new – update to WP7 Dev Tools!

The Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools January 2011 Update provides bits that you would install on TOP of the current WP7 Dev tools on your machine.

If you are just installing the tools for the first time, this update replaces previously released October patch.
In fact, it is no longer available as this January 2011 update replaces the patch entirely.

What is in this update?

  • TextBox support for Copy&Paste
  • Updated Emulator Image that contains Copy&Paste for your testing
  • There have been performance tweaks for the OS
  • Minor Bugs and Fixes

How does it Work?

The Copy&Paste extends a existing TextBox control to have this new functionality, There is no current API access to the Clipboard or support for other controls that are not based on TextBox.

If I have/Do I need to:

  • A current application in the Marketplace/No action is required, if your application runs fine under new tools 
  • Have an application that contains a TextBox in a Pivot or Panorama control surface/Text your application in provided emulator
    • Recommendation is to move TextBox controls from top of controls that listen to Gesture movement to their own pop-off screens or entire pages as this might interfear with select behavior for Copy&Paste
  • Have controls that do no inherit from TextBox/Such controls will not get new Copy&Paste behavior

The update materials, FAQ and Q&A do not answer WHEN the update for the OS will be sent to the phones. 
Also to note - this update does NOT update your developer phone to enable Copy&Paste or any other features.

Windows Phone 7 Training Kit February Update

Windows Phone Training Kit has also been updated – you can grab a fresh copy here.

Where to I find more good information, documentation and training?

This very awesome blog post from the Windows Phone Developer Blog - Windows Phone 7 Documentation Landscape.

Official Blog Post on the Update is here.

Happy coding!


PS: I am well aware that it is Feb 4th and not January :) If you were disappointed at CES that Microsoft said nothing at all about future of WP7, don’t forget that MWC 2011 is Feb 14th – I am going to be listening for Windows Phone announcements then, as that is where the announcements were made about Windows Phone 7.

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