Windows Mobile 6.5 News from TechEd 2009 Video

WM 6.5 News from TechEd 2009 Video -
14mins - Widgets will be available only through Marketplace. This is due to inherent security risks of hosting HTML. [Would be less of an issue if it was Silverlight :) ]
41mins - Student's DreamSpark access to Mobile Marketplace mentioned, more details to come soon.
Also though out the video the MVPs mentioned improved controls that pick up the UI style and Touch behaviours from the OS.
Can't wait to see more of those in detail when the SDKs hit public.
Also, a successor to my BlackJack II is coming in 5 days on AT&T - Samsung's new Jack; it looks too much like Moto Q and needs scroller mechanism to be fast email device, other wise 3.2 camera and WIFI!!!
Unboxing video here -

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