My Summary 1/1 to 1/12

This is just super lazy blog post for those that don't follow me, I know...I'm a bad blogger :)
Been really busy at work finding a place to live.

Before you click away without reading any of it, check out these links:

MSDN Newsletter Preview for 2009 Jan 05 -collection of all upcoming developer related events in FL

- Some really cool blog posts recently by my good friend 

- Jan 14th is A must see event!

Now on to the tweeets: can make you some artsy "Word Could" thingies - check this out:
@ByteMaster I had a tx HP netbook quality mini-laptop tablet and it worked great w/ PDC Win7. I am sure it will work even better w/ BETA1.
"1 Free admission pass to Disney Park on your bday" said a billboard ad just now. Should be nice for those with kids. Check the site.
Ne-Yo - "Miss Independent" - now how do i find a girl like that hahaa RE: "What do I get a guy that has what he wants for his BDay?"
Mega ;) while viewing all the steals on Real Estate in the local market. Muahahaha. Now the big question is, should I wait longer?
In all history of me watching CES, I was dis-appointed with the Keynote...where is WM7 ? ZunePhone? Where is something REVOLUTIONARY!!??!!11
It's almost 5PM EST here. RT @MisfitGeek: Is it too early to start drinking ??
If any one that knows of New or Relatively new Townhomes in Tampa Bay area. DM me details.
@TrueDelta If you had an app DM me and ask car service questions, I'd be more inclined to participate, again. Email version got old quick.
Finally moving out! Proud to announce that I will be living in N. Hyde Park on Jan 15th, days before my 24th BDay.
Eating dinner w/ @mitchmitchem at #TGIFridays by #USF, very fitting. Potato skins and all.
@ByteMaster Just did exactly the same with my family.
My Zune 30 is back up and working. Just drain the battery for it to turn off completely and plug it back in, the clock would reset, sync.
Congrats to all MVPs who got their emails today! Almost scared me, but I was re-awarded earlier ;) 2009 ASP.NET MVP
Some good ones coming there RT @Starbucks: Hey ... We're launching new tea drinks in the new year. Here is a description:

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