Games for Zune: All you need is some XNA and off you go!

So once again I am 24 hours late on the news here.

Bill Reiss yesterday told me of these news:

You will soon be able to develop games for Zunes with XNA Studio!

I think is sooo cool. What's the possibilities? BillR and I talked briefly about some crazy ideas playing an extension of a bigger popular game like some puzzle solving away from the XBOX.

I was then thinking a of possibly carrying your "avatar" with you on the Zune to show off to friends and possibly find new players if they have the app installed and are scanning one of those 500 student classes for some after class matches...all away from your XBOX. Now code an adapter to sync with my Phone/ActiveSync/Outlook and look at my FreeBusy calendar to schedule some game time...I can dream...of having time to game that is, because the rest can happen, technically, with a few rev's of the XNA SDKs if opening up a bit and giving more space on the device is allowed =]

Apparently it would let you access all of the Zune's content locally, so if you want a new player with a a Visualization and some cool graphics dancing to the music...oooh yeah!

I almost have a good enough excuse to get a new Zune so I can look at coding the fancy touch pad on the new Zune, as opposed to 4 way one in the last gen Zune30.


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