How to stay busy, or 'Events Update'

Been crazy busy with normal student/work/life stuff. Oh wait...that's what everyone else is doing, so what's my excuse - none!

During the week before CodeCamp - Day of Patterns & Practices - wow - lots of great stuff in just one day. Followed by a IASA meeting that night with Ron Jacobs and David Hayden doing more Architecture mentoring. Stan Schultes and Jeff Barnes were also excellent presenters. 

CodeCamp, South Florida, III - AWESOME! Great sessions, wish I could sit in on about 1/2 of them. Had to pick with great care and had lots of change of heart and running back and forth - that good!
Had great conversations all day with tons of intereting people on .NET, Silverlight, Product Development and Web 2.0, even mobile dev. [Too many names and talks to list, sorry.]

I even got a change to squeeze in some time to prep my SQL part of the brain for the upcoming event just yesterday at Tampa SQL BI group with 'WITH' statments.

SQL Sturday is just around the courner this weekend on Saturday. There is still space so register now, it's free. Make sure to leave time for the after event as well to network, meet speakers and ask more questions.

Next Tusday is Tampa SQL user group [different from BI group above] will be presenting Notification Services. Should be all interesting stuff.

On Wednesday, Feb 20th followed by Understanding Software + Services at Tampa.NET UG monthly meeting.

Me, Busy? Nah


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