Semester is starting off with some links to random useful things - "you take a look" [i had to]

So after the long break before anytime to blog anything cool I am off to school tomorrow...

So I throw out a few links and hope to hit the blog space again in a few weeks.

In case you're a caveman or new to this computer thing, this is geek community second xmas CES season -

In case you need more screen Sq-Ft and have some old PPC's laying around -

[And for the pro version of above for developers is SOTI- ]

In case you don't like RDC or don't have Vista - this does Dual Monitor RDC, FREE -

In case you wanna burn things your way -

In case you need some 1GB SD cards for cheap -

In case you got an old PC serving up some video to a TV/Projector but just can't get the right resolution -

I think this might end up getting you into some random web browsing, enjoy.

Wish me luck this semester!

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