SQL Everywhere is now SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

Don't know how many of you are watching the Mobile SQL DB space, but I sure am still excited about SQL Mobile 2005 and it's seamless integration with SQL Server 2005. I was psyched that I could build real products for Windows Mobile with a solid SQL Server databased on the device and then easily merge that same data with the server application though the real SQL Server.

SQL Compact, for short, is actually the next version of SQL Mobile. SQL Compact, just like SQL Mobile can be managed though SQL Management Studio, except now SQL Management Studio Express can have a chance to as well.

I've heard many great things about SQL Server 2005 Everywhere, now that this is CTP - I am definitely checking out the bits myself once I co-install Windows XP back onto my machine, I've been running RC1 for sooo long now.

SQL Server Compact Edition homepage:


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# SQL Server Everywhere Rename: SQL Server Compact Edition

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While there is still no mobile device options (kind of ironic huh) SQL Server Everywhere is no longer
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