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Http to Https redirection is commonly a preferred configuration for Outlook Web Access for most organizations.  The challenges presented in IIS7 are that the built-in redirection feature only allows relative redirection without a full URL entered.  To perform Http to Https, the full URL is required.   This becomes an issue when organizations are trying to redirect for both internal and external users who commonly are using different URLs to access the server.


The solution is 2 fold.


First, turn on relative redirection by entering the the virtual directory for exchange and checking the “Only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories)

NOTE: Http Redirect is a feature in Windows 2008 and must be installed through the Features in Server Manager or through the cmd prompt:

c:\>servermanagercmd –i Web-Http-Redirect

NOTE:Require SSL” needs to be turned off on the Default Web Site.  In IIS 7 this will also turn if off on all the virtual directories.  Each virtual directory will have to have “Require SSL” turned back on individually. 

NOTE: When you apply redirection to the Default Web Site, redirection will also be applied to all subdirectories.  It needs to be unchecked on all directories except the Default Web Site.















Secondly, the Http to Https redirection need to be enabled for any URL entered whether its an external FQDN or an internal server name.  There is a great article here on Using custom Error 403.4 to perform HTTPS redirects in IIS 7

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