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Well, here I am on my shiny new computer over at Imaginet Resources Corp.  I forgot how liberating it is to leave an employer and start with a new one.  Nothing more satisfying than filling the shredding box with old files and handing in that laptop that was in desperate need of a re-image.

Still pretty early to say that everything here is good, but it sure feels that way from where I’m sitting.  Moving from a large global company to a small (but still global) company is quite a change.  I forgot how quickly things can be done when there aren’t 6 levels of management and ‘corporate processes’ in the way.  I’m still gun shy to ‘just do what’s right’ based on years of ‘do what the process dictates’.

I’m hoping (actually more  committing) to do more blogging now.  I have a lot of thoughts around application lifecycle management and architecture that others may take an interest in.

I’ll also be able to talk more about what I’m doing with Team System as I go along.  I know there are Lots of Team System bloggers out there, but every once in awhile something comes up that I haven’t found elsewhere.  I’ll try to keep the ‘me too’ posts to a minimum.

Until next time…

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