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For those that don’t know.  The Red River Valley area of North Dakota and Manitoba has been preparing for near record flooding this year.  One neighborhood within Winnipeg that is in a bend of the Red River needed to have their permanent dykes raised by adding a sandbag dyke on top.  My good friend Greg lives in that area and it is actually just across the river from my own home. So I figured I’d go help out. 

My wife and I walked across to help.  Basically what ‘helping’ means is becoming part of a human conveyer belt.  Nylon bags filled with sand get deposited on the driveways of houses that need by dump trucks.  These 40-50 pound bags of sand need to get moved from the pile to the back of the house where the river is.  This is where we came in.  People line up and pass bags down the line. 

Well, the first 30 minutes everyone is full of energy and the bags are flying.  3 hours later, I can barely lift my arms and it’s time to let someone else take over.

That was yesterday.  Today, my wrists are killing me.  My back is sore and I’m just generally tired.  Obviously my sandbag technique needs work or I’m just getting too old.

I was very impressed with the number and energy of volunteers that showed up.  It is quite amazing what can be accomplished by a bunch of people willing to help out their friends, neighbors and even complete strangers.

Here’s what the dykes look like when done.  It may not look impressive, but it is quite eye opening how much effort goes into building these home savers.

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