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While attending the MS Patterns & Practices Summit this week I have come to realize that as much time as I've been investing in staying on top of new things coming out of Redmond it's nowhere near enough. 

I used to be of the opinion that you could make a breadth vs. depth decision on technology.  I'm no longer sure that's appropriate.  The fact is that the interconnectedness of the technologies coming out of MS (and elsewhere) require a certain amount of depth in order to understand anything.  At the same time, the breadth has become too broad.  With presentation technologies, data access technologies, messaging, tooling, tooling extensibility, AAAAH!!  The reality is that the breadth and pace of change necessitates another approach. 

At one level it's enough to know 'about' the existence of something so that you can dig deeper if you think you have a usage scenario.  When that potential opportunity is identified, then you dig into learning it deeper.  This usually means learning about it and all its related technologies but that's the 'cover charge'.  I'm still not sure sanity is preserved, but at least it's a conscious approach.  And by all means when someone asks you to advise them on something you don't know (or don't really have a reason to) say SORRY, I HAVE NO IDEA!!

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I have had this question about new and emerging technologies. There is new technologies and tools that come out every single day. To keep myself uptodate on some of them becomes extremely difficult. (especially getting information about new products, patterns and practices before they are released)
Left by Harish on Nov 20, 2007 2:20 PM

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