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I've been conflicted with Windows Mobile devices.  I've had 4 HTC devices: 2 Smartphones (Audiovox SPV, iMate Sp5) and 2 pocket PC phones (iMate JAM, iMate JASJAR).  I've continually been torn between the simplicity of the smartphone and the utility of the PocketPC phone.  I've looked at some of the 'hybrid' styles like the Treo and Motorola Q but not been compelled by them.

I've recently been looking at the HTC Vox (S710) as a pretty fair compromise.  It is the simple Smartphone form factor that I've come to love for utility as a PHONE (which is what I need first and foremost) but has a slider QWERTY keyboard when you have to do input.  That's the biggest beef with the Smartphone is entry on the phonepad (yes t9 rocks but is still slow).


It's hard to tell how thick this phone is from the pictures, but unless it is significantly thicker than my SP5, this may just be the winner for my current 'ultimate' smartphone.

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