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Here is advice I would give to anyone travelling to Egypt:

  1. Have plenty of small bills of Egyptan Pounds. Tips are expected everywhere for everything.
  2. Shokran – (Thank you). Learn this word. You will say this thousands of times. Say this when at the pyramids, museum or other tourist places and the 100’s of locals are trying to sell you something (everything).
  3. “Gifts” are given expecting return. The nature of the locals is that they give you a gift, and then expect a gift in return. If you take the “gift” you will have a hard time avoiding the peddlar.
  4. In the summer, It’s HOT. Even if you go to the pyramids early in the morning, it will be an exhausting experience to walk around.
  5. Bring Immodium. The food here is quite different to what my Canadian stomach is used to.
  6. And finally. The Egyptian people are generally quite friendly and polite. I never felt unsafe. In tourist areas, you sometimes feel harassed by merchants, but I never felt unsafe.

Next stop… India!!

Stay tuned for notes from Chennai.

Posted on Monday, July 3, 2006 5:25 AM | Back to top

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